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Welcome to my portfolio scrapbook where I put things of interest to share with prospective clients and colleagues. It is mostly in chronological order. The purpose of this page is for people to be able to scan visuals of work I have created or managed.

UN - World Intellectual Property Organisation

Volvo Penta - New Website

Automotive - Inchcape Subaru PSA Group

Automotive - Bridgestone Tyres - Pixel Dance

Fintech - ICX4 - Legal & General - HSBC - Deutsche Bank - Moneycorp

Hospitality - Fourth

Travel - Low Cost Travel


Other Stuff

UN - World Intellectual Property Organisation

I was tasked with heading up the UN’s WIPO new UX Design department in order to redesign of all their core customer digital systems from the ground up.

This role included three main areas:

  1. Single Sign-on
  2. Single menu – a cross system mega menu
  3. Single WIPO user portal


  1. Requirements gathering
    Talked to relevant departments.
    Interviewed key stakeholders.
    Discovered differing agendas between departments and worked hard to understand them.
  2. Understand the platform
    Worked to understand the underlying technology of WIPO
    Studied the current style guide.
    Worked with Development to grok the stack.
  3. Research
    Expert review of current systems and applications.
    Looked at what the competition are doing.
    Gathered information on user types and built personas.
  4. Rough designs
    Began initial design ideas for early sharing and iterations.
    Weekly UX design catch-up and share.
    Invited stakeholders, developers and users for feedback.
  5. Prototyping
    Designs began to solidify into prototypes that were tested.
    More stakeholder engagement and cross department communication.
    Design began to get signed off.
  6. Development
    Involved in development.
    Available to any and all questions or change requests due to technical limitations.
  7. Launch
    Analytics in place.
    Feedback mechanism in place.

Challenges & Notes

WIPO is a large organisation with many departments and as many agendas, needs and requirements. The key challenge was finding a way to unify and move design thinking forwards. This was achieved by open communication, and inclusion of stakeholders along a road as clearly defined as possible.

We had to work with a style guide that was designed for a very specific purpose and was not up to the job. I created and headed up a design working group so that we could define, modify and unify the organisation's style guide.

Although a friendly place, the organisation is very conservative and resistant to change. It took a lot of talking, diplomacy, honesty and leading by example to loosen grip.

Below are some screenshots of the many wireframe iterations and designs tried and tested.


Volvo Penta - New Website

Working for AKQA I was tasked with leading the UX design for a new website for Volvo Penta. We built a component library and a collection of templates for Volvo Penta's CMS. The project went well but not without its challenges including a short deadline and an inexperienced team.

Inchcape - Subaru

I led the UX product design side of a new e-commerce platform for the provisioning and purchase of cars online. The tool of choice for this job was Axure.


Pixeldance was a particle based system I had to produce for a product launch. This was shown on a 15 metre wide screen and allowed a dancer to interact with the visuals.

Fintech - ICX4 - Legal & General - HSBC - Deutsche Bank - Moneycorp

I have worked for a number of financial institutions including as Head of Digital for ICX4. Fintech can be a complex space. I have worked hard to make big data easily traversable as well as simplified the picking of funds.


As Head of Design I was brought in to add a sorely missed UX department to the organisation. Over the next three years I managed multiple teams and turned the company from a development focussed organisation into a user centred design organisation. I worked on multiple projects at any one time, I was also Product Owner for a couple. A lot of work was done to modernify and future proof products.

Low Cost Travel & Travel Store

I was tasked with the creation of a new and improved search function for Low Cost Travel. I was the Design Lead for Travel Store before it was called Travel Store.


I have worked on many games over the years both Flash and Browser based. I created the first MMO for facebook as well as mobile apps. I also created a couple of promotional games for both Lloyds Bank, Samsung and Sony Movies.

Other Stuff

I have worked on many e-commerce projects over the years as head of design. Here are a few wireframes and some older mockups.

I also ran a CD and DVD online store as a Director the CTO. We pioneered music ripping from purchased CDs for only listening, DVD postal rental, and SMS commerce. Blockbuster purchased our DVD postal system.

I have worked on all sorts of projects including physical devices, charity work, artistic projects, games, education, widgets, portals, illustrations, video production, printed matter, icons and so much more.


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